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Map of Ineligible firms

(Ms.) Ir. Norma KumalawatiJakarta - Indonesia
Agric-canadaUnited Kingdom
Agricultural Development Services Ltd.London - United Kingdom
All Nippon Engineering Corporation (anec)Yokohama - Japan
Alpha Consulting & TrainingBurkina Faso
Amani B.P., Ltd. Aka Lonestar Supplies And Logistics (pvt) LtdLondon - United Kingdom
Ana Exports Ltd.London - United Kingdom
Asia ConstructionDelaware - United StatesMaryland - United States
Canadax TechnologiesVerdun - Canada
Case TechnologyWatford - United Kingdom
Chase Berkeley Cavendish Ltd.London - United Kingdom
Coldline IncorporatedNew Jersey - United States
Consultants For International Development P.L.C.London - United Kingdom
Cord Construction Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Crown Sakura Ltd.London - United Kingdom
Cybertek International Ltd.London - United Kingdom
Dactus AbStockholm - Sweden
Daresley Holding, Inc.British Virgin Islands - United Kingdom
Databas & NatverksideerStockholm - Sweden
David RiperVirginia - United States
DigidataVirginia - United States
Drill Technologies & Co.London - United Kingdom
E.C. De Luna Construction Corp. 24Philippines
Eastern Trading Ltd.United Arab Emirates
Economic Consulting GroupLondon - United Kingdom
Eduardo C. De LunaPhilippines
Emkay Enterprises Ltd.London - United Kingdom
Engineering Projects InternationalLondon - United Kingdom
First Fuji Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Flair Developments Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Gap InternationalIndia
Gurpreet Singh MalikLagos - Nigeria
Hao ZhiyongTashkent - Uzbekistan
Harlton Investments, Inc.Ireland
Infotek & Co.London - United Kingdom
Inter Emirates & Co.Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Inter-russ Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
International Development Projects ServicesLondon - United Kingdom
Jan SundqvistStockholm - Sweden
Kamal ShardaLagos - Nigeria
Karitex LimitedNigeria
Knowledge EngineeringVirginia - United States
Labh Singh GillWarwickshire - United Kingdom
Labh UniversalCoventry - United Kingdom
Ly Moni RothPhnom Penh - Cambodia
Mandeep S. SandhuNew Jersey - United States
Medirite Group Ltd.Middlesex - United Kingdom
Mirna InternationalBerkshire - United Kingdom
Mr. Anshar M. NoorJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Asrul Masir HarahapJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Claes FjellnerStockholm - Sweden
Mr. Deni CasmadiJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. G.I.P. Gunathilake A.K.A. Indralal GunathilakeKiribathgoda - Sri Lanka
Mr. Gunawan PrayitnoJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Jonas GyllensvaanVirginia - United States
Mr. Muhammad Fatah HidayatJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Nugroho Satrio SemediJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Rudi SubiyaktoJakarta - Indonesia
Mr. Satrio Budi Handoko (a.K.A. Joko Seswanto)Jakarta - Indonesia
Nordic Trust Stiftelsen I Stockholm AbStockholm - Sweden
Norsk-agro Ltd.London - United Kingdom
O-group BvAmsterdam - Netherlands
O-group Management & Consulting Urban Planner BvAmsterdam - Netherlands
Overseas Project Services Ltd.United Kingdom
Pavel ZolotaryovMaryland - United States
Penmacs CorporationYokohama - Japan
Pierre SavignacVerdun - Canada
Pradeep MenonLondon - United Kingdom
Pradeep S. NairLondon - United Kingdom
Productionsekonomi I Stockholm AbStockholm - Sweden
Resource Development Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Ribalco InternationalBerkshire - United Kingdom
Sadin International Operations Ltd.Stockholm - Sweden
Scan Distribution Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Seydou IdaniBurkina Faso
Sharda Impex (u.K.) Ltd.Lagos - NigeriaUnited Kingdom
Shereena Agriculture Ltd.Kano - Nigeria
Shivind Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Shivshanker Pre NairLondon - United Kingdom
Smaforetagartjanst Srb AbStockholm - Sweden
Surendra SinghIndiaUzbekistan
Swaan Consulting AbStockholm - Sweden
Swedcon KbStockholm - Sweden
Swedish Urban Planner & ManagementStockholm - Sweden
Syani PhiromPhnom Penh - Cambodia
Thrust Technologies & Co.London - United Kingdom
Times International & Co.London - United Kingdom
Tonih UsmanaJakarta - Indonesia
United Basel Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom
Vikram Deepak GursahaneyLagos - Nigeria
West End Associates Ltd.Isle Of Man - United Kingdom

Where World Bank's ineligible firms are located

Canada, Indonesia and United States are the countries where most of the companies on the list are located. Use the filter to see how things have changed to time. Where were the first companies from? And the ones added this year?

Use the following table for a more granular view of the location of WB's ineligible companies. Use the filter to zoom in a specific country.

Remember: you can always click the "Explore" button next to each visualization to customize the type of graph, decide how many elements to include in the chart, which variables to plot, what filters to apply...and much more! Of course, you are free to share with your friends and followers any interactive visualization that you create from this public data.

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